Let’s Clear Our Implants! Live Session January 26!

Let’s Clear Our Implants! Live Session January 26!

We invite the international English-speaking community to join us January 26th for another powerful live session to CLEAR OUR IMPLANTS to benefit our individual spiritual growth, as well as to move us closer to planetary liberation!

Link to the transmission:






This live session takes place on Wednesday, January 26th at 3pm EDT / 8pm UTC / 9pm CET. Check your time zone here: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html…

By clearing our implants, we can become free of the false beliefs of the matrix programming that causes all of humanity much pain and suffering, and strengthen our own connection to the Source and to each other.

Please join us and SPREAD THE WORD… the more often you attend, and the more people that attend, the more powerful it will be!This session is conducted in English; however translations of exercises in Hungarian, Croatian, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Slovenian, Czech/ Slovak, Polish, Romanian, and Persian are available to use during the session. You can find the translations of the exercises here: https://victorialuminis.fr/clearing-implants/

Here is the session schedule in order of broadcast:


Explanation of Implants (5 min)


Exercise #1: Protection Protocol (7 min)

Exercise #2: Command 12 – 21 Invocation (1 min)

Exercise #3: Invocation of I AM Presence Invocation (3 min)


Exercise #4: Contracts Cancellation (8 min)

Exercise #5: «I am God» Triangulation Exercise (8 min)

Exercise #6: «Sex is Love» Triangulation Exercise (8 min)

DISCUSSION: Comments, questions, and sharing(Optional)

EXTRA: Bonus Meditation – TBA(*Note: For those who attend these sessions frequently it is not necessary to attend the 5-minute introduction at the beginning; however, it is very important to join the session before the Protection Protocol begins, which is approximately 5-10 minutes into the session.)

For additional information and schedule of upcoming sessions in various languages, please visit

:https://welovemassmeditation.com/…/timetable-of…We welcome you to join us to do together these exercises and thus contribute to the planetary liberation!

Victory of the Light!

Our telegram channel:

Victory Of The Light ! (channel)
A channel of lightwarriors and lightworkers working for the Victory of The Light on Earth !

Our chat room telegram:

Victory Of The Light (chat room)
A Chat group of lightwarriors and lightworkers working for the Victory of The Light on Earth ! This chat group is linked with the Telegram channel «Victory of the Light !» to promote dissolving implants sessions but also other light actions.

Our Spanish char room:

Victoria de la Luz (chat Español)

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